Dance Party!

So a few weeks ago my friend invited me to a dance party she said she was holding in a space at her church. She was planning to play Just Dance videos and have everyone at the party dance along. Of course I said yes, and offered to bring a cake. What I didn’t do, was ask any follow up questions, so when I arrived at the church and followed the loud music, I was a little surprised to walk into a darkened room with a few older chaperones sitting in the back and a pack of children and teenagers dancing along to a worship song. Apparently what my friend hadn’t told me, was that this dance party was for the youth group she helps out with.

After my initial surprise (and my thought that I had accidentally stumbled into some kind of youth program practice), the Just Dance videos started up again, and I joined in the fun, with a little help from my inhaler. And then, we got to eat cake! A delicious Slutty Brownie Cake to be exact. Of course, given the nature of this Dance Party, I neglected to tell the guests the name of the cake, but they all seemed to enjoy it at any rate. Four layers of delicious chocolate cake, with chocolate fudge sauce, chocolate chip cookie dough frosting, and cookies and cream buttercream filling, covered in a salted caramel condensed milk buttercream that is absolute heaven. This cake was inspired by my go-to last minute snack recipe, Slutty Brownies, a recipe I originally came across on The Londoner. One layer of cookie dough, one layer of Oreos, and one layer of brownie batter baked until still a bit gooey inside. It is the ultimate indulgence and one I felt compelled to turn into a cake. Both the original Slutty Brownies and the Slutty Brownie Cake are total crowd pleasers. There is no caramel in the original Slutty Brownies, but I wanted to add a little something extra to really put the cake over the top, and the salted caramel condensed milk buttercream really did the trick.

The design inspiration was from Killa Cakes. Whenever I see their brightly colored cakes I think “dance party.” This is also a great design for when you want something a bit less challenging. Just pick a few colors and a few different piping tips and have at it. I used leftover buttercream from the freezer that was already colored, so it was extra easy for me. The shards are made from candy melts that I melted down, spread on aluminum foil, and then cut with a sharp knife. And then I threw on (quite literally) some Bakery Bling Sugar Glitter and some silver Wilton sanding sugar for sparkle. Pretty simple and pretty delicious if I do say so myself.

Recipes used:

American Mud Cake by Cake Paper Party

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frosting by Two Sisters Crafting

Chocolate Sauce from Momofuku Milk Bar

Caramel Condensed Milk Buttercream from Cupcake Savvy’s Kitchen

Cookies and cream buttercream was a random leftover American buttercream from the freezer with crushed Oreos and a tablespoon of black cocoa powder mixed in for added Oreo flavor.

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