Sweetie Pie Honey Bunch

I’m one of those crazy people who have a million different nicknames for their pets, and rarely ever use their actual names. I’ve always been that way with pets. Currently I call my dog Watson things like Baba Booey, Pikachu, and Sweetie P. So when I was trying to think of something clever to do with the tiny little strawberry jelly cookies I picked up at Aldi’s, of course my mind jumped to turning them into little heart shaped pies and using them to spell out my love for my pooch.

This was a super quick but terribly fun little cake to decorate. First, I spatula-ed on some pink and white buttercream, and smoothed it out with my Cake Safe, The Quad, scraper, to give it a soft, watercolor effect. Then I spread some white and pink lines of buttercream next to each other on a piece of cling wrap, rolled it up, and stuck it in a piping bag. Using a 6B tip, I piped a border around the cake top, and chilled the whole thing overnight.

The next day, I used a 4 tip and some tan buttercream to pipe diagonal lines onto my cookies to make a lattice top for my “pies.” I set those aside and used my set of small alphabet cookie cutters to gently press each letter of the word ‘sweetie’ into my buttercream. I pressed just firmly enough to leave the outline of each letter behind. Then I used a carving tool to carve out a slight indentation through the whole of each letter.

Once my letters were done, I used my Cake Katana to fill in each letter with sprinkles. This sprinkle mix was from a mystery bag from Fancy Sprinkles, so it did not come with a name. I didn’t want the whole cake to be pastel, so I appreciated the bright pops of color in this mix.

Then I grabbed my “pies,” slapped one on the front and a pile on top, and bing, bang, boom…it was done. I have a hard time appreciating simplicity in my own work. Not that this is by any means simplistic, but it’s definitely less involved and complicated than most of my cakes these days. Finding my cake identity is still a struggle for me. Can I be both complicatedly intricate and more pared down? Is that duality allowed in the cake world? And if it is, do I even want to play both sides? Deep thoughts spurred on by this little sweetie.

Let me know in the comments which you enjoy seeing and reading about more!

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